USA and Five Central Asian Countries Vowed to Work-over Economic Integration of South & Central Asia

New Trade Ties

Washington has issued a joint statement this week, narrating the will to resolve the tension in Afghanistan. The Effort is to create economic and trade ties with the region as well as between markets of central Asia, South Asia, and Europe together.

To realize its plans, Washington has formed a group namely C5+1, which includes the United States, Kazakhstan, the Kyrgyz Republic, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, and Uzbekistan. A working group is formed inspecting the transit and financial opportunities in Afghanistan and the wider region along with keeping an eye over the border security and violent extremism.

Needs to be Realized

In late May, The United States, Afghanistan, and Uzbekistan agreed on the need to build a railway-based transportation network between central Asia and Pakistan. Also, the need for the construction of a gas pipeline from across Pakistan to India was highlighted during the meeting.

Iran and China have also agreed on a joint venture featuring a security and economic partnership. It is reported that the investment would be worth $400 billion over 25 years. The prospects of which will be the creation of new economic opportunities for Iran in particular and China at large.

Where does Pakistan turn?

The prevailing sentiment among the diplomatic observers is that the China and United States are desperately seeking and trying to seize economic opportunities in South and Central Asia. There is a “tug of war” observed on the part of both China and the United States, where the two are trying to get a major stake to their benefit in the emerging economic prospects.

In this display of power dynamics between the US and China, Pakistan will soon find itself in a decisive moment over taking-side with one of the parties. Whatever the decision may be, it will decide the future of Pakistan from both an economic and political standpoint.

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