Be a Part of SAT Community

By joining the SAT Community, you gain access to a myriad of benefits and opportunities that foster engagement, learning, and collaboration within the South Asian context. Here are a few opportunities that may be availed:

Engaging Events

Participate in interactive webinars, panel discussions, virtual conferences and Twitter Spaces hosted by SAT. Engage with renowned experts, scholars, and industry leaders as they share their knowledge, perspectives, and experiences on a diverse range of South Asian topics.

Networking Opportunities

Connect with like-minded individuals who share a passion for South Asia. Engage in meaningful discussions, exchange ideas, and collaborate with professionals, policymakers, researchers, and enthusiasts from various disciplines and sectors.

Community-driven Initiatives

Take part in community-driven initiatives aimed at making a positive impact in South Asia. Join hands with SAT and fellow community members to contribute to projects related to education, sustainable development, cultural preservation, or other areas of importance to the region.

Research and Publication Opportunities

Explore the possibility of contributing your own research and insights to SAT's platform. Benefit from the opportunity to publish articles, op-eds, or research papers, gaining visibility and recognition within the South Asian community.

Interaction with Experts

Engage in live Q&A sessions, AMA (Ask Me Anything) events, or exclusive interviews with renowned experts, policymakers, and thought leaders. Get your questions answered and gain valuable insights directly from those shaping the discourse on South Asia.

Collaborative Spaces

Access online forums, discussion groups, or collaboration platforms where you can connect, brainstorm, and collaborate with fellow community members on projects, research endeavors, or initiatives of mutual interest.

Newsletter and Updates

Receive regular newsletters and updates featuring curated content, latest research findings, upcoming events, and other valuable resources related to South Asia. Stay informed and connected with the SAT Community!

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