Executive Team

Salman Javed

Director, South Asia Times (SAT)

South Asia is a dynamic region with evolving challenges. My goal is to leverage strategic communication, media and research to contribute to informed decision-making, fostering a deeper understanding of the issues at hand.

Haleema Khalid

Chief Editor & Research Lead, South Asia Times

In a world saturated with information, discerning fact from fiction is critical. That's where my work at South Asia Times comes in. We utilize meticulous research to create data-driven content that empowers readers to see through misinformation. By crafting impactful narratives, we aim to foster a more informed and engaged public.

Research & Media Team

Noora Tahir

Creative Head

Usama Qazafi

Digital Media Fellow

Iqra Naseer

Research Fellow

Deedar Karim

Research Fellow

Muhammad Ali Raza

Research Fellow

IT & Tech

Minahil Akhter

Full-stack Developer

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