US Envoy to Visit Afghanistan to Speedup the Peace Process

In an attempt to speed up the peace process and press Kabul administration for better coordination in the prisoner release process. Washington has sent its special representative for Afghanistan Zalmay Khalilzad on Friday to travel Doha, Kabul, Islamabad, Oslo, and Sofia.

In addition to this, in Islamabad, Ambassador Khalilzad will seek Pakistani support in the effort to advance intra-Afghan negotiations. In Oslo and Sofia, Ambassador Khalilzad will update NATO Allies on the Afghan peace process.

Hurdles in a Prisoners release

US and Taliban signed a Peace deal a few months. This provided a base for the withdrawal of US forces from Afghanistan. American forces have already stopped their military operations in Afghanistan and are staying inside their camps. But Kabul administration is slowing down the peace process by slowing down the release of prisoners which is a crucial key thing for Intra Afghan dialogue.

It seems US special envoy will push Kabul administration for Intra Afghan dialogue and meet with other stack holders during his visit. Especially in Pakistan, he may he’s likely to hold meetings with high military and government officials to play its role and use its influence on the Taliban. Mr. Zalmay is also going to visit Doha. Where the Taliban’s political leadership is based.

An airstrike by Afghan forces killed 45 people

Furthermore, an airstrike by Afghan forces killed 45 people in Afghanistan’s Herat province and injured many others. Local sources and the Afghan government’s governor of Adraskhan district confirmed the killing of civilians in airstrikes.

“Forty-five people had been killed so far in airstrikes by security forces in the Kham Ziarat area. Taliban were among those killed,” he said.

Afghanistan’s Ministry of Defense is Investigating.

Additionally, Afghanistan’s Ministry of Defense said it was investigating allegations of civilian casualties in attacks by Afghan forces in the area.
“The results of the investigation will be with the public and the media. The National Defense and Security Forces have the responsibility to protect the lives and property of the people. In this regard, they use all the opportunities and facilities and will not spare any effort,” the statement said.

US forces not involved

Moreover, the spokesperson of US forces in Afghanistan has denied involvement in the airstrikes.
On Wednesday, Khalilzad condemned an attack by Afghan government forces that killed 45 people. Including civilians, in airstrikes against Taliban fighters in a western province bordering Iran.


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