Skirmishes erupt between Armenia and Azerbaijan

An age-old conflict flares up

Reports are coming of a flare-up of a 30 years old conflict between Armenia and Azerbaijan. Clashes started on 11 July on the border of both countries over an area called Nagorno-Karabakh. According to the UN, this area belongs to Azerbaijan but is under control of ethnic Armenian forces backed by Armenia.

Previously in 2016 skirmishes were breakout on this border between Armenian and Azerbaijani forces. Both countries have blamed each other for inciting violence in this area.

Casualties and Views

Current flareup has taken the lives of several civilians and military personals of both countries which include high-level officers from Azerbaijan’s army Major general Poland Hashimov and Colonel Ilgar Mirzayev.

On the other hand, Armenia has shot down an Azerbaijani drone and has accused Azerbaijan of launching cyberattacks on government websites. Azerbaijan\’s President Ilham Aliyev has sacked the foreign minister, accusing him of \”meaningless negotiations\” with Armenia.

Regional involvement

Recent clashes in these neighboring countries have alerted regional powers too. Turkey has vowed strong support to Azerbaijan. Pakistan’s foreign ministry has also stated this matter and announced its support for Azerbaijan’s principle stance on the Nagorno-Karabakh region.

Russian foreign minister Sergey Lavrov has contacted both of his counterparts and has urged them maintaining peace in the region. He will visit both countries on the same day.

The organization for security and cooperation in Europe (OSCE) which has an established group that tries to negotiate settlement of the conflicted area has also urged both countries to maintain peace and restraint.


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