US And India Plan on Opening Top Universities in Both Countries

Possible Transfer of Education between India and America

The United States and India seem to be on the verge of a possible transfer of education scheme. Whereupon the setting up of top foreign universities in India is being finalized. Additionally, the two countries are also looking forward to greater cooperation between American and Indian universities to partner on the research front.

Taking to Twitter, the U.S State Department’s handle for Bureau of South and Central Asian Affairs said, “Welcome news that foreign universities may establish campuses in India & that Indian universities may do the same overseas. We look forward to opportunities for American and Indian universities to partner & collaborate on research to advance our understanding of the world.”

The details regarding the policy in question

According to an official statement, the Union Cabinet chaired by the Prime Minister Narendra Modi approved the National Education Policy (NEP) 2020 on July 29, making way for large scale, transformational reforms in both school and higher education sectors.

Salient Features

High performing Indian universities will set up campuses in other countries. The Top 100 universities in the world will operate in India. Moreover, universities will be given special dispensation regarding regulatory, governance, and content norms on par with other autonomous institutions of India.

Furthermore, research collaboration and student exchanges between Indian institutions and global institutions will be promoted through special efforts. Similarly, a transfer of credits scheme will allow credits acquired in foreign universities to go towards a degree completed in India.

Lessons for Pakistan

Pakistan needs to follow this issue closely. We need to understand how developments in the arena of education take place between India and America. If world-class universities are to open in India than the overall standard of education in the country will increase greatly. This means much more competition for jobs abroad against better qualified skilled labor from our neighbors.

Education scheme

Pakistan’s first step should be to ensure the appointment of relevant people in its national seats in foreign universities. Throughout the tenure for which they are available. Only if we make full use of those seats can we put forward our agenda at a global level? India has made great use of its educational ambassadors in similar seats. Owing to which such partnerships are now coming through.


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