“Unite for Peace” Call by HCNR Head Abdullah Abdullah

The decades-long war in Afghanistan has caused its people frustration. It is also the reason behind the division between the people and their leaders. Only recently, a top official calls to stop this nuisance. That top official is none other than Head of High Council for National Reconciliation, Abdullah Abdullah. He is currently heading the negotiations between the Afghan Government and the Afghan Taliban.

Abdullah Abdullah Calling for Unity

His statement comes at a time where it not only sends a good message but also leaves a question. A question of whether the Afghan government is still divided and strong enough to sustain the post-withdrawal effect. His words are directed towards those stakeholders and warlords who hold strong power in Afghanistan. Abdullah Abdullah himself knows their mindset as he was once deputy to Ahmed Shah Masood, the famous warlord from the north who fought against the Taliban after they took over Kabul in 1996.

The politics of Afghanistan is as corrupt as it is. Subsequently, when politicians all are on the same table, their personal interest still divides them.

During his interview, Abdullah unveiled that the process of withdrawal has started.  The previous date for the withdrawal was 1st May 2021. This was decided according to the February Peace Agreement. However, after Biden took office earlier this year, the dates changed. The new extended date for the withdrawal is 11th September. There are approximately 2,500 to 3,500 US soldiers and 7,000 NATO soldiers in Afghanistan.

Afghan Unity for Post-Withdrawal Peace is Important

Abdullah motivated the people of Afghanistan by saying that he negates the statements and analysis that are calling this withdrawal an end to Afghanistan. However, he did accept the fact that after withdrawal, it will be a tough time handling the situation. The Taliban still control a large part of Afghanistan and have an experienced, well-equipped army. As international forces withdraw, the Kabul government will have little to cash their demands on.

Another reason why he called for unity is that he fears that the Taliban might back out of the deal after the withdrawal. He informed that he has doubts regarding the Taliban’s promise to the peace deal. He further said the Taliban, though, has been replying to countless calls by his Council, their replies are usually informal, saying that ‘they are sometimes details or sometimes brief’. His expression shows that things are still unclear and might remain unclear well after the withdrawal. Surprisingly, he claimed that terrorists cannot win militarily and even claimed that the foreign nations supporting the Taliban are now not in favour of the Taliban taking over.

Nonetheless, whatever he said, it clearly means that Kabul still fears the Taliban and more than that it fears the internal division that has weakened the government. Several developments are taking place to solve the issues in Afghanistan. However, despite all that, can we expect the Taliban to overrun the formal government in Kabul and revive 1996? Can’t say anything about that but in turn of events, al-Qaeda has thrown its support behind the Taliban.


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