Tech Giants aid Modi's Censorship

Tech giants aid Modi’s censorship

“The Modi Question” documentary censorship highlights the urgent need for accountability and transparency. It underscores issues in India’s treatment of its Muslim citizens. Tech companies are facing criticism for their role. They are accused of suppressing critical voices.

When the big screen blacked out, young people whipped out their phones and continued watching online. College students in India have been screening the BBC documentary “India: The Modi Question.” The Indian government blocked the documentary. While Tech giants aid Modi’s censorship.

And now India’s Supreme Court is considering legal petitions against the ban.


The furor only elevated the film’s question: How complicit the Indian prime minister was in a pogrom against Muslim citizens two decades ago. Whether Indians in the diaspora agree with the answer, we should also see how each one of us is associated with violence against minorities, simply by having lived through such events, while Tech giants aid Modi’s censorship.

Source: USA today


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