Russia refuses to mediate China- India Standoff

Russian foreign minister has ruled out a mediatory role between China and India. His statement came after a virtual conference between Russian foreign minister Sergei Larov and His counterparts S Jaishankar from India and Wang Yi from China. He also said that both countries are in close contact with each other and are engaging in dialogue via established norms and rules, so Russia is hopeful that both countries will solve this dispute soon. The conference was held after the situation between China and India escalated on the Galwan valley. Both parties have also rejected any mediatory role by a third country.

Russia has strong diplomatic and military ties with India and is the largest seller of weaponry while it shares a long border with China as well as different types of business and trade agreements along with a history of strong diplomatic relationships.

The Indian defense minister is on his visit of Moscow to witness the parade on Red Square marking the 75th anniversary of the Nazi defeat in World War II


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