Lahore\’s First Underground Rainwater Storage System

The Lahore Development Authority (LDA), in collaboration with its subsidiary Water and Sanitation Agency (WASA), constructed the first underground rainwater storage system in Pakistan. To energize the draining groundwater resources. The underground reservoir will store1.4million gallons of water. The initiative aims to help Pakistan\’s urban territories which are overwhelmed with water leading to increased flooding and pollution during the monsoon season.

Alternatively, the nation is confronting a genuine water crisis. Mainly because of poor water management as opposed to scarcity. To address this pertinent issue, the Lahore city board is launching its first underground water framework. Where they aim to address two large concerns. Saving rainwater as well as decreasing flood ratio in a city of more than 11 million people.

Underground Reservoir for Water Conservation

Additionally, the project titled \”Monsoon underground rainwater reservoir\” began in May and will be operational this month. Helping to store 1.4 million gallons of water (100mm of water). Consequently, the project is worth about Rs150 million. The underground framework is situated close to Lahore\’s Lawrence Road. One of the major areas flooded during heavy rainfall. The city suffers a yearly deluge of about 628-670mm.

Views of WASA\’s Managing Director

Syed Zahid stated a 600-feet channel has been set down interfacing Lawrence Garden to the underground water store. If the tank floods, on the off chance that it rains the entire day, there is a second external surface supply to contain over 0.2 million gallons of water. Moreover, as a backup, there is another framework to channel the water. If the government approves funding, the system will be installed throughout the city.

Irrigation Plans

Furthermore, Lahore city\’s nurseries and parks will be irrigated by the saved water. The undertaking will likewise help energize the basic groundwater. Which is depleting swiftly because of over-the-top siphoning and increased urbanization in Pakistan.

Pakistan\’s first rainwater conservation system

Pakistan introduced the first urban rainwater framework in the capital city of Islamabad in 2010. At the famous site of Faisal Mosque to moderate 3 million liters of water. Water storage is a cost-effective and simple answer to help improve groundwater storage levels. Irrigating land and providing drinking water to satisfy the expanding need of the rising populace. Moreover, rainwater storage through the rooftop, for home gardening, is famous in developing countries.


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