India Condemned the Use of Violence in Myanmar Calls international community to take visible actions

History of the coup in Myanmar:

On the morning of February 1, 2021, newly elected representatives of Myanmar\’s ruling party, the National League for Democracy, were deposed by the Tatmadaw. Tatmadaw is the country\’s military, who then vested authority in a stratocracy. The coup led to worldwide criticism and call for the reinstallation of the democratic system in the country.

India Insists Myanmar and Restore Democracy and Law:

One such country that criticized the military junta was Myanmar’s neighbour, India. India denounced the use of violence in Myanmar. The Country\’s officials stated that it was aware of the country\’s extreme political unrest and the potential for spillover beyond its borders. India Further called for \”greater intervention\” from the international community, warning that a lack of involvement would only generate a \”vacuum\” that would be counterproductive.

During a UN Security Council Arria formula meeting on Myanmar, India\’s Deputy Permanent Representative to the UN, Ambassador K Nagaraj Naidu, said, \”India condemns the use of violence in Myanmar and sincerely condones the loss of lives.

India, according to Naidu, has the most to lose if the crisis is not resolved peacefully. The release of detained leaders is the first and most important move, he said. Nonetheless, the Myanmar military continues to crack down on people protesting the February 1 coup. Resultantly, Naidu\’s emphasis on international involvement intensified. He stated that \’Now is the time for involvement\’.

Migration Issue for Myanmar Nationals:

Officials said earlier this month that the number of Myanmar’s nationals seeking asylum in Mizoram has surpassed 1,000 since the military coup in February. Furthermore, at least 100 of them were sent back to Myanmar. On the other hand, India is persuading Myanmar not to abandon its democratic course.

Bangladesh Efforts in Protecting Myanmar Citizens:

Naidu stressed the importance of expediting attempts to repatriate Myanmar’s refugees currently residing in Bangladesh. He called for international support for Bangladesh. India praised Bangladesh for housing millions of homeless people. Moreover, India has provided on-the-ground assistance to displaced people in Bangladeshi camps. However, Naidu believes the international community can continue to support Bangladesh\’s efforts financially and otherwise.

Myanmar Situation Only Worsening:

Until now, the Junta has killed over 500 people and imprisoned over 2,600. This has raised serious concerns and has led to the UK and the USA imposing sanctions on several individuals of the Myanmar Government. Last week, Christine Schraner Burgener, the UN Secretary-special General\’s envoy for Myanmar, told the Security Council that the crisis in Myanmar is only getting worse.

India has over 140 projects under the Border Region Development Programme in many remote areas of Myanmar. The country promised that India\’s efforts in the interests of Myanmar\’s citizens will continue to be steadfast.



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