CIA Chief Visits Kabul Unannounced

The associated press (AP) reported that CIA director William Burns made a trip to Kabul on Saturday. The international observers are a little surprised on this unannounced trip. CIA’s Washington office declined to comment on the visit. The office declined any information on the director\’s schedule or rationale for the visit.

This comes as development as the USA has decided to pull out its troops from Afghanistan. Many in the US are calling it a hasty retreat which means an unknown future for Afghans. CIA’s role has been clandestine in Afghanistan since the 80s.

There have been concerns about whether Afghan forces would be able to hold on without US assistance.

Speculations Behind the Visit

Burn’s actual purpose for the visit as well as what was accomplished during the visit remains unknown. The AP tried gathering information from internal sources. It is unknown who Burns met during his visit. However, it is said that situation after the US pullout was discussed.

Burns informed the US Congress recently that neither Al Qaeda nor Islamic State militants would perpetrate U.S. attacks. He said: \”When the time arrives to remove the military, it will decrease U.S.A’s capacity to respond to threats. Further, Burns also reassured Afghan officials that the U.S. would continue to be engaged in counterterrorism efforts.

What does CIA Presence Mean?

The visit at this time draws eyebrows at what the CIA would do after US forces exit?  There have been apprehensions about undocumented US presence for clandestine purposes in Afghanistan.

The nature and timing of the visit do raise credible concerns. However, the answer to the Afghan future lies in the weeks to come as the May deadline comes closer. There is no substantial development of intra Afghan dialogue. Fears for another civil war are also looming.



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