BJP\’s Masquerade about Laddakh Blown Away

Reports on Situation in Ladakh

Amidst dark times for Indian journalism, a Colonel, Ajai Shukla, consulting editor on strategic affairs for Business Standard, has called out his government on its handling of the Chinese intrusion in Laddakh.

Moreover, the newspaper, Business Standard, has emerged as a welcome sight amid the current state of affairs in Indian media.

Ajai Shukla, amongst other favors to democracy in India, openly talks about the Chinese intrusion into Ladakh. He discussed the flaws in Prime Minister Narendra Modi\’s China policy as well as the government\’s spin to conceal its failure.

What does Shukla have to say about Laddakh?

Interestingly, Shukla was the only journalist who did not parrot government claims of China agreeing to disengage and withdraw troops from India\’s territory.

Mapping the Line of Actual Control he showed it had shifted westward into Indian territory. The figures quoted by Shukla are as follows: about 12-15 km in Depsang. 1 km at Patrolling Point-14 in the Galway Valley. 2-4 km at three other patrolling points; and by 8 km at the Pangong Tso Lake. He also said China was refusing to restore the status quo that existed before its troops walked into Ladakh. It is important to note that the numbers Shukla stated have not been officially denied.

Why is the truth about Laddakh important?

The truth about Laddakh, or as a matter of fact, for any other incidence is quintessential. Governments need to know they can no longer go on spinning a web of lies to do away with the need to explain to people their neglect of matters of public interest, specifically national security.

However, compelling proof and national interest are crucial as the story itself. It is high time the media, particularly media in the subcontinent begins to realize this and report responsibly.


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