Afghan Envoy Summoned Over Attacks on Iran’s Diplomatic Mission

Afghan envoy in Iran was summoned after incidents of attacks on Iran’s consulate in Herat and Iran’s embassy in Kabul took place. These attacks were perpetrated by protestors who were protesting against an alleged beating of Afghan refugees in Iran by the Iranian border guards. Over the past few days, videos have been widely circulated on social media and this is what prompted the protests in Afghanistan. It is, however, unclear if the videos are authentic or fake, and also there is a lack of clarity about when the videos were filmed.

Iran has demanded reassurance from Afghanistan that no such attacks on its diplomatic mission will happen and that the Taliban security will protect the mission and its members. The protestors in Herat threw pallets at the Iranian consulate and were stopped by the Taliban security. Almost a similar incident happened outside Iran’s embassy in Kabul as well. Iran, being Afghanistan’s neighbor, has received a considerable flow of refugees over the past years. People fleeing war and chaos in Afghanistan have taken refuge in Iran and this state of affairs is going on even today.

Iran has demanded better border control and management in the past as well. Around five million Afghan refugees have migrated to Iran and the movement continued since last year as well when the US hastily withdrew from Afghanistan in August 2021. It has not yet recognized Afghanistan with its new governance arrangement. The official stance of Iran calls for an inclusive government in Afghanistan for recognition to happen.

Over the videos circulating on social media depicting Afghan refugees being beaten and badly treated in Iran, Iranian foreign ministry spokesman Saeed Khatibzadeh said that it is unfortunate to see such videos circulating and that this is being done to worsen ties between the two countries. He also said that both sides need to be more vigilant regarding the circulation of such content because such incidents can sabotage the cultural and historical ties the two countries have shared for decades and centuries.


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