According to Ministry of Rural Rehabilitation and Development, fourteen development projects are functional in Laghman, Afghanistan [Image via Al Jazeera].

14 Development Projects Completed in Laghman, Afghanistan

Current Completion of Projects

According to Ministry of Rural Rehabilitation and Development, fourteen development projects have been functional in the Afghan province of Laghman. “The Citizens Chater National Priority Program has recently completed the projects. The projects falls under the  Ministry of Rural Rehabilitation and Development, situated in different parts of Qarghayi district of Laghman,” the ministry said in a statement. The project is executed by the Citizens’ Charter National Priority program.

Projects in Past in Laghman

Additionally, the Laghman province also received seven development projects completed by Ministry of Rural Rehabilitation and Development and National Area-Based Development Program. The project accounted of 600 thousand USD. It included five retaining walls with total length of 2498 meters. A 200-meter-long bridge and 600-meter gabion wall for the weak sides of the sea in villages of Alishang, Qarghee and Mehterlam. These projects provided the rural people facilities in diverse fields.

Project Details

Furthermore, the project incorporates 540 meters of water canal, building and reconstruction of 912 meter supporting wall along the river, 11 deep water wells to clean water to the people and the reconstruction of 105 kilometers long district road.

Security Situation in Laghman

Moreover, the province has been subjected to the heavy clashes between security forces and Taliban in recent weeks. Taliban had overrun the District Dawlat Shah in Laghman to gain grounds. According to the Provincial Government statement, during the clean up operation, approximately 60 militants faced heavy injuries. Subsequently, the situation depicts the critical security condition in the province amid the Security Forces and Taliban clashes.


Similarly, like other projects in past, the Ministry of Rural Rehabilitation and Development with Citizens’ Charter National Priority Program has executed fourteen development projects in Afghanistan. The project includes a water canal, reconstruction and building of a river wall, digging of water wells and reconstruction of road. Lastly, the Langhman province faces heavy clashes between Security Forces and the Taliban. Despite the security situation, the projects are functioning successfully. These projects will be beneficial to the war-torn country.


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