Pro-Peace Rhetoric Pakistan offers Peace Talk to India

In the past month, Pakistani Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi has visited several middle eastern countries. During which he conveyed the message of cooperation of respective countries with Pakistan and repeated one thing; Pakistan is ready for peace only if India is ready for it.

Pakistan Demands India to Reconsider its Unilateral Decision

On Sunday Shah Mehmood made it very clear that if India was able to reconsider the unilateral decisions it made on August 5, 2019, Pakistan would be happy to hash out conflicts and address unresolved issues through dialogue.

He said that Pakistan and India have unresolved problems such as Kashmir, Siachen, Sir Creek, water, and other minor issues. The FM suggested that dialogue was the only sensible way forward. He went on to say that India\’s unilateral steps on August 5, 2019, violated international law. It also violated the UN Security Council resolutions.

However, he described a recent development as a promising development. He remarked that both sides\’ director general of military operations recommitted to a truce during a discussion.

However, Shah Mehmood says that India recently expressed an interest in promoting peace. The Pakistani and Kashmiri leadership accepted and embraced this. He further stated that this peace-loving behaviour has helped to reduce tensions.

Pakistan a Pro-Peace Nation

The peace talks and ease of tensions have surfaced since 25th February 2021 revival of the 2003 ceasefire agreement by both sides’ military. During a public announcement, the Premier and COAS both spoke on the chances of conditional peace between both nations.

Since then, Pakistan’s foreign office has been vocal about this offer in every regional state. Pakistan is cashing the statement to depict itself as a pro-peace nation. Pakistan also coined the statement that “India must create an environment for peace”. This statement came in as India was not fond of opting for such peace talks. However since this statement came out, India is on the run to clear its name in its role from regional tensions.

UAE as a Mediator

There were also mentions that in these mediations, UAE is also involved. This name came forward when the news of meeting of Pakistan and Indian intelligence official meeting in Dubai surfaced in the media.

Nonetheless, some analysts still say that things aren\’t as smooth as depicted. It also came out after a US intel report came out stating that a war between two nuclear powers is inevitable.


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