Naufer Maulavi; The Sri Lankan mastermind behind Easter Bombing

Easter Bombings in Sri Lanka

In the Easter bombing in 2019,  Sri Lanka was shaken by the incident. It was the worst bombing the country has faced since the demolishment of LTTE in 2009. Three churches in Sri Lanka and three luxury hotels in the commercial capital, Colombo. The attacks were in a string of coordinated Islamist militant suicide bombings on Easter Sunday, April 21, 2019. Smaller blasts occurred later that day at a Dematagoda housing complex and a Dehiwala guest house.

Easter Bombing mastermind Naufer Maulavi

The mastermind of the 2019 Easter bombings, which killed about 270 people, has been identified by the Sri Lankan government. Sri Lankan security services have described the perpetrator as an Islamic preacher named Naufer Maulavi.

As Identified in reports, it was a Naufer Maulavi, a Sri Lankan, who was behind the planning and execution of Easter bombings, 2019. Minister of Public Security Sarath Weerasekera said, \”Naufer Moulavi was the mastermind (of the Easter bombings)\”. Furthermore, according to the Minter of Public Security, Hajjul Akbar was also an accomplice of the cleric. It was later on reported that for murder and murder conspiracy the authorities charge a total of 32 people. Moreover, it came to the knowledge of authorities that the National Tawhedd Jamaat (NTJ) founder was Naufer Maulavi. The National Tawheed Jamaat is the party that carried out the attacks in 2019. The ISIS-affiliated party from Sri Lanka has pledged its allegiance to ISIS.

In 2014, Weerasekra claimed to have taken ISIS philosophy to the island country. According to an article in the Colombopage, Naufer Maulavi led Saharan Hashim, one of the suicide bombers, for terrorist activities in the world later in 2016.

Multiple other criminals involved with Naufer Maulavi in Easter Bombings

On the same day, the Sri Lankan Public Security Ministry added another 10 names to the list of those involved in the attacks. They declared that they found ten people connected to Zahran Hashim. Zahran Hashim was a militant Islamic preacher who blew himself up in the same attacks.

After their deportation to Sri Lanka from other nations, the accused 10 people got arrested. The US Department of Justice charged Naufer Maulavi and two other defendants with supplying material assistance to ISIS earlier this year. The Sri Lankan government has been under fire for not revealing the names of the main conspirators for several weeks, following the publication of the Presidential Inquiry Commission.

When asked whether former President Maithripala Sirisena, who presided over the attacks, will face negligence charges, the minister said, \”We don\’t interfere in these matters.\” The Attorney General (AG) will make the final decision.”


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