India’s Ongoing COVID Crisis Effects Nepal

In the first two waves of COVID, India was exporting necessary COVID equipment and even vaccines to countries. However, now that has changed. India has cases over 18 million and having average daily cases above 300,000 for the last 7-days. Things aren\’t good neither for India nor for its neighbours, who are well under its reach.

Nepal on the Radar

COVID cases have drastically surged in India since last week. The Indian-variant has also been exported to the neighbouring countries, in particular, Nepal. Nepal has also currently reported a surge in cases. Analysts have affiliated it with the COVID crisis in India, saying that it is similar to that.

In Nepal, Kathmandu was the worst-hit city but other than Kathmandu, the bordering towns and cities are more at risk. In Kathmandu, the cases surged last week and two weeks of curfew has been imposed to contain the situation. According to Nepalese Health Minister Tripathi, the Nepalese health system is not sufficient to contain the situation. Nepal\’s economy is small and it is heavily dependent on India and China for assistance. Observers suggest that a miracle is what can save them.

Banke, the ‘Mini India\’

In terms of those towns and cities at borders, they are at much greater risk. One of those cities and towns include the district of Banke. Several doctors living there have referred to it as ‘mini India\’, and too for not some good reasons. Doctors there say that cases are crossing limits at an alarming rate. They don’t have sufficient equipment and help to assist the patients. Due to this, Banke is the worst-hit city in Nepal other than Kathmandu. Friday turned out to be a hell day for Banke as it reported 12 deaths in 24 hours, its worst death record since COVID started.

Far More Dangerous

Several experts and doctors believe that the COVID variant, B1617, that is spreading in India is pretty similar to that of what has been detected in Nepal. The worst part about it is that it\’s far more dangerous and hard to fight than the other variants that have been spotted. Similarly, like India, Nepal has also started to face the issue of the oxygen crisis as many patient’s families reportedly had to wait in long lines to acquire oxygen tankers.

Nepal’s Situation

Nepal has reported 323,187 cases and 3279 Covid-19 deaths. However, cases are still rising at a drastic speed. In October of the previous year, the number peaked as it reported around 5,743 cases in a single day. On the other hand, looking at the current situation, it’s not so different as 5,657 cases were reported on Friday.


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