India in a Diplomatic Puddle Over Muslim World’s Outrage


What started as a hashtag in the Arab World condemning blasphemous remarks of two of India’s BJP’s members turned into official denouncing of the act and hate speech, wherein Indian ambassadors were summoned in respective countries to record protest. The initial condemnations came from the Gulf countries, and in no time, other Muslim countries including Pakistan, Afghanistan, Indonesia, and the OIC also recorded the outrage through official channels.

The building diplomatic pressure coerced India to issue a statement where the sentiment of respect for all religions was expressed and alongside, the two members involved in derogatory remarks were regarded as “fringe elements.” But this did not prove to be a satisfactory response for the Muslims around the world who are still enraged and hurt at the anti-Islam comments expressed so openly on one of India’s news channels in a prime time news show.

With Indian products being banned in the markets in the Arab World, India is also being called to do more than just calling the views expressed as “fringe”. It seems the long-held systematic persecution of minorities (especially Muslims) in India has summoned a response which it cannot ignore owing to economic connectivity with the Gulf. Will the diplomatic pressure on India sustain beyond this one incident, however, remains to be seen. Hate speech in India has increased manifolds since the BJP has assumed power and there are no bounds to incidents being recorded everyday which involve persecution and maltreatment of Muslims and other minorities.

For the first time in a while, a widespread response by the Muslim world has been witnessed. Additionally, a recent report by the US also clearly mentioned and highlighted the state of affairs and human rights’ abuses in India. These developments hint that the world is now gradually responding and a diplomatic pressure on India has been seen in the past few days.



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