India accuses China of violating bilateral agreements

India has accused China of violating bilateral agreements by a huge buildup of people liberation army in the disputed area of the Himalayan border. Indian foreign minister accused China of being responsible for a clash which resulted in causalities on the Indian side.
He said, “Since early May, the Chinese side had been amassing a large contingent of troops and armaments along the LAC”.
He justified the Indian army to build up a reaction to Chinese steps in the Galwan valley of the Indian controlled Ladakh region. Tension is high among two nuclear states of South Asia after a deadly skirmish in a disputed area which resulted in the death of several Indian soldiers in an unarmed fistfight with Chinese soldiers. This brawl between the Indian and Chinese troops on the 15th of June, 2020 resulted in the killing of 20 Indian soldiers and injuring at least 76 more. According to reports, soldiers used stones, rocks, sticks, and clubs to cause harm instead of traditional weaponry. The Chinese government has not released details of injuries or causalities on its side.
Both countries are accusing each other of violating their territory. Ground commanders have held frequent meetings, including meeting at corps commander level to deescalate the situation in the area. For now, both sides have agreed to disengage their troops from the disputed area but recent satellite images (attached) are showing the construction of some infrastructure by Chinese near the skirmish site. According to analysts, the new structure includes camouflaged tents, barricades, and a possible new camp under construction.



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