In Current Circumstances, No Trade With India

There have been multiple concerns regarding the import of cotton and sugar from India to Pakistan. Prime Minister Imran Khan after discussions with major cabinet members has released a decision.  According to reports, the final decision is not to carry on any trade with India under present circumstances.

PM to promote alternate measures

Additionally, The Prime Minister instructed the Ministry of Trade and his economic crew to take proper measures to promote the respective sectors. He later stated that value-added products, clothing and sugar must be beefed up. One of the advised solutions was to start offering options for cheap imports of the commodities needed.

Rejection of proposal from Cabinet

Originally, The Economic Coordination Committee (ECC), with economic and commercial considerations, placed multiple proposals. Ironically, according to reports, the Cabinet after reviewing rejected the proposal.

Under newly appointed Finance Minister Hammad Azhar, the ECC had initially proposed importing cotton and sugar from India. It was after the reviewing of this that the PM and his Cabinet rejected the proposal. Under the circumstances that Pakistan is to engage with India in any trade. Further stating that they vowed that Pakistan was unable, under existing conditions, to engage in any trade with India.

Although, the verdict was not based on the Cabinet\’s formal agenda. The matter was raised by Cabinet members, while Prime Minister instructed the ECC to defer and review its decision immediately.

Good relations can open doors for trade

Furthermore, Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi claimed that the acceptability of ties will be prevented until New Delhi revokes its decision regarding Jammu and Kashmir\’s special status.

However, in an environment without terror, hostility and violence, India has said that it wants normal neighbourly relations with Pakistan. The responsibility for creating an environment free from terror and hostility has been was expressed by India.


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