First Bangladeshi Cargo Shipment makes it to India – Hints at Improved Indo-Bangladesh Economic Partnership

On Thursday, the first cargo shipment from Bangladesh Phantogram airport made its way to Agartala. The Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) announced it to be a “Historic Milestone” in Indo-Bangladesh economic partnership.

The act was carried out in accordance with the agreement on operating Chattoram and Mongolia Ports. The operation will swiftly move India’s transit cargo across Bangladesh.

Moreover, the Union Minister Mansukh Mandaviya officially gave a go-ahead for the first trial cargo shipment. The shipment carried cargo from Kolkata to Agartala through the Chattogram port.

Development of North-Eastern Region

Furthermore, the transit trade will aid in the progression of the Northeastern region. The sentiment was communicated across via MEA spokesperson, Anurag Srivastava

\”Another historic milestone in India-Bangladesh connectivity and economic partnership as the first-ever container cargo from Kolkata via Chattogram port reaches Agartala. This will help in the further development of the northeastern region,\” he tweeted.

Likewise, the two countries aim to strengthen their bilateral relations. The development will bring about constructive reforms on both sides. Furthermore, it will group together two nations in a mutually beneficial partnership, Srivastava remarked in a media briefing.

Historic Achievement

On successful conclusion of first-ever cargo transit, the MEA spokesperson termed it to be a “historic achievement. He added that this change Indo-Bangladesh maritime and economic integration for the better.

\”The cargo was received this morning by Chief Minister of Tripura Biplab Kumar Deb,\” he told reporters.

Additionally, this way both time and distance will lessen in carrying goods to India, Particularly for northeastern states. Hence Business services and revenue generation will receive a breakthrough. Also, the Logistical sector will thrive under the agreement.

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina came up with the SOPs upon visiting India in October 2019, he stated.

The deal serves India ‘Right’

Similarly, its been five years since Tripura had access to Bangladesh’s Chittagong port. A transit cargo of 100 tons has made it across the region. This initiative serves India’s economy right. Right, for the fact that Tripura had to bear the cost in the form of price hike and crisis, had the deal not taken place. Earlier, the communication by roadways anticipated to broke down on the back of landslides in Monsoon.

Chief Minister Tripura said that Tripura will make a gateway to Northeast. The reason being the state sending in cargo consignments to Assam for the first time.

Cutting on Trade Deficit

“We curtailed the transit charges from Rs. 6,300 to Rs. 5,800 and could save Rs. 500 for each metric ton of goods. The Indo-Bangla bridge over River Feni will save Rs. 800 each metric ton goods.

In addition to this, it would dramatically enhance the scope of employment in Tripura and lessen the price of commodities,” Deb said.

The minister informed that India, in exports, makes an annual trade worth Rs 30 crores with Bangladesh. However, The import totals to Rs. 645 crores. Given the agreement, the Government will be cutting the trade deficit on export goods worth Rs.400 crores.

Future plans

Moreover, in the next five years, Tripura will export Rs. 1200 crores goods and import goods of Rs. 4200 crores, Deb said.

Previously, the Ashuganj river port transported goods for Tripura’s Palatana Power Plant through the Akhaura Land Port.

The two Neighbors have been revising the terms for road, rail, and water transit routes. The routes to which both agreed back in 1965 and 1980.


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