Asad Umar Raises Question On The UK’s Travel Ban On Pakistani Passengers

On Friday UK, amid raising coronavirus cases, has placed Pakistan on the red list which imposes a travel ban. The red list primarily enlists that only British and Irish national can travel. Those who can take residence in the UK are also applicable. Asad Umar the Federal minister has questioned the UK’s decision of putting Pakistan on the red list. He stated that it is unclear whether if this was due to Foreign policy or the virus itself.

The decision will come into effect on 9th  April, at 4 am. Current Passengers from Pakistan will have to pay mandatory stay at a hotel in the UK.  Moreover, according to Commissioner Turner, the direct flights will be operative as usual but the schedule is subject to change.

Pakistani Delegation visit.

Previously, due to the increase in cases, The UK was planning to place Pakistan on a high-risk red list. The UK had initially discussed this in a meeting with Pakistan.

However, Pakistani officials and medical expert had earlier blamed the UK for the new variant of the virus. A Pakistani delegation was in place to visit the UK regarding this issue. Although, subsequently the visit is now cancelled after an official announcement by UK’s commissioner imposing travel restriction.

This has caused problems for many, as ahead of lockdown in the UK thousands of people had travelled to Pakistan on extended holidays.


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