Climate Summit\’21, Pakistan not in attendance

Climate Summit will be taking place on 22nd April 2, 2021, headed by President Biden from Washington. A total of 40 countries will be present at the summit, though Pakistan will not be in attendance.

Surprisingly, POTUS Special Envoy on Climate John Kerry visited Abu Dhabi, New Delhi and Dhaka while skipping Islamabad. However, now the visit will take place betweenn1st April till 9th April. The matter of the upcoming Climate Summit and the 26th Conference of Parties will be discussed during this visit.

These developments came after the succession of Biden\’s administration. Whereas, his predecessor withdrew the US from Paris Climate Treaty. Trump had refused to align the US with any such agreement that demands efforts and working on Climate Change. Biden on the other hand intends on leading the world towards sustainable climate change.

Countries are in charge of making their own commitments and measuring carbon reductions under the Paris Agreement. Although, they are required to update their Nationally Determined Contributions on a regular basis. The Paris Agreement is a climate change mitigation, adaptation, and finance agreement negotiated in 2016 under the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change.

The agreement\’s aim is to keep global temperatures from rising more than 1.5 degrees Celsius above pre-industrial levels. It aims to achieve this by the end of the century, or risk rendering most of the world uninhabitable for existence. The US, the world\’s most powerful economy, is the second-largest emitter of greenhouse gases, which traps heat in the atmosphere.

Biden\’s commitment to climate change

When the US left Paris Climate Treaty in 2020, it distorted the global narrative on Climate. It also affected the image and position of the US in terms of leading the world in order to achieve Climate Security.

The recent move of President Biden on Climate Change has another reason. President Joe Biden\’s administration plans to ask Congress for a multi-trillion-dollar plan to modernize outdated facilities while transitioning to clean energies and electric vehicles.

The program which costs around $3-4 trillion will also generate around 5 million new jobs. Simultaneously, help in retaining all of the jobs that were lost in the wider economy during the COVID-19 crisis last year.


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